At the foundation of every beautiful home and landscape is its lawn.  Dense, healthy green turf with weeds kept at bay.  If that's your goal, Lawn Care Specialist will make it your reality.

Whether you just need applications to feed your lawn, mowing and maintenance services to keep it looking fabulous, pest control to keep the bugs out, or a reliable team to make leaves and snow disappear, Lawn Care Specialist is here for you!

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A Green, Weed-Free Lawn

Lawn Applications

Lawn Care Specialist follows a five-round protocol to feed and protect your lawn all year long.  For spring, your lawn receives fertilization for quick green-up plus a pre-emergent crabgrass preventer.  For summer, broadleaf weed control complements the fertilizer aimed at strength and heat resistance.  For early fall, fertilizer helps your lawn recover from heat stress.  In late fall, winterizer feeds your lawn for a healthy winter and gets a jump on annual weeds that might want to compete for nutrients in the spring.


Lawn applications and weed control in Connersville, Indiana
Mowing & Maintenance

Sure, everyone wants a beautifully maintained lawn and landscape.  But does everyone enjoy the work involved?  Not so much.

Let Lawn Care Specialist take care of the labor, grooming your lawn and landscaped areas like they were our own!


Mowing Services in Connersville, Indiana
Perimeter Pest Control

You want your home to be a safe haven for yourself, family and friends -- not spiders and other insects who would like to share it with you.  We'll repel them!  Our perimeter treatments are safe around pets, but deadly to insects before they even enter the boundaries of your house.


Lawn applications and weed control in Connersville, Indiana
Leaf & Snow Removal

When leaves fall, we make them disappear.  And when snow blocks your home or business driveway(s), we clear it out.  For appearances and for safety, we're here to help.


Reliable, efficient, cost-effective.  We let nothing stand in your way!


Mowing Services in Connersville, Indiana

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